-in1 [in]
[see -INE3] suffix
1. a neutral carbohydrate [inulin]
2. a glycoside [amygdalin]
3. a protein [albumin]
4. a glyceride [palmitin]
5. an enzyme [rennin]
6. an antibiotic [streptomycin]
7. an alkaloid or a nitrogenous base [codein]: an infrequent variant of -INE3
8. a pharmaceutical preparation [chrysarobin]
9. a commercial product, material, or mixture [algin]
10. an antigen [tuberculin]: Cf. -INE3
-in2 [in]
combining form
any of various mass actions or gatherings of a (specified) type, as a political demonstration or a form of entertainment [pray-in, be-in]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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